Silver Screen Flirtations

Summer Studio 2014: Performance Pavilion

The project was conceived by two farmers that wanted to bring art back to their community by hosting musical performances. We focused on the design and fabrication of a pavilion informed by the performative characteristics of their farm. We walked the fields cataloging behaviors and conceived of a structure that could negotiate the flirtatious relationship between the man-made and natural conditions. A form-finding exercise produced a surface derived from the recorded site behaviors, that was performing both as shelter and structure. Digital and physical models were made to study the spatial and structural qualities of the design concept . A surface and terrain team formed, the surface (stainless steel), and terrain (wood planks). The stainless steel surface was panelized into (4) repetitive panel types and prepared for fabrication by producing printed work (cut+fold) templates from a rhino model. All 56 metal panels were sheared, bent, drilled and cut by team members, and hand assembled into 6 frames. The final pavilion location was parametrically derived based on site lines to and from the farmhouse. The multi-level wood terrain was surveyed and constructed in 2 days. The project was completed in seven days, and the first performance was held under the silver screen the night it was completed.
Project Team: Nick Bozza, Lida Chrysanthou, Omar Ferwati, Yi He, Christin Hu, Lorraine Kung, Julia Lu, Chitra Mamidela, Pablo Zuluaga Morelo, Loyra Nunez, Solomon Oh, Brittany Lynne Piscopo, Jonathan Yates, Lavender Tessmer, Joseph Vidich, Tim Brewster, William Haskas, Jeremy Luce, Jason Schindler, Special Thanks To: John & Kathi Glovack, Barbara Hinkley, Andrew Nisbet

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